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Mohammed Sharawi

Mohammed Sharawi
Quick definition:
Egypt cleric
1911 - 1998
Name: Mohammed Sharawi
Date of Birth: April 5, 1911
Place of Birth: Egypt (Ghamr in Dakahliya)
Date of death: June 17, 1998
School of Jurisprudence (doctrine):
Faith: the Sunnis, Ash'ari
Major concerns: the interpretation of the Koran
A religious scholar and a former Egyptian Minister of Endowments.
Is one of the meanings of the months Modhi (Quran) in the modern era and the Imam of this age, where he has the ability to interpret a lot of religious issues in a simple way up to the heart of the receiver in a smooth and has a large and great efforts in the field of Islamic Call. Known fresh simple style in the interpretation of the Koran, and its focus on points of faith in the interpretation to make it close to the hearts of people, especially as his style fits all levels and cultures, and nicknamed "the imam preachers."

Birth and education
Ould Mohamed Sharawi on April 15, 1911 Village Center Dkados Ghamr Dakahlia governorate, which extends from the family lineage to Imam Ali Zine El Abidine Bin Al-Hussein [citation needed] and the Quran at the first ten years of age. In 1916 he joined the Institute of Zagazig primary Azhari, and showed gifted since childhood to save the hair and goes to say, governance, and then got the certificate of primary Al-Azhar in 1923, and entered the Institute of secondary education, and increased interest in poetry and literature, and won a special place among his colleagues, Fajtaroh president of the Federation of Students , and chairman of the Association of writers in Zagazig and was with him at that time, Dr. Mohamed Abdel-Moneim Khafagy, and the poet Abu Taher Vacha, and Mr. Khalid Mohammed Khalid and Dr. Ahmed Heikal, and Dr. Hassan Gad, and were offering him what they write. Was a turning point in the life of Sheikh Hubert, when he wanted his father annexed to Al-Azhar in Cairo, Sheikh Hubert would like to stay with his brothers for the cultivation of land, but the insistence of a parent to pay to take him to Cairo, and the payment of expenses and processing place to live.
So it was only on the condition of his father to buy him loads of reference books in the heritage, language, science and interpretations of the Koran and the Hadith books, as a kind of impossible, until he was pleased his father and his return to the village. But his father caught on to that trick, and bought him all his request, saying: I know my son that all of these books are not prescribed to you, but I opted to buy in order to provide you the draws of science

Hubert joined the Faculty of Arabic Language in 1937, and the busy national movement and the movement Azhar, revolution broke out in 1919 from Al-Azhar Al-Sharif, Al-Azhar, and came out publications that express the outrage of the Egyptians against the British occupiers. It was not far from Zagazig Institute Castle Al-Azhar in Cairo, was the head and his colleagues to the squares of Al-Azhar and corridors, and deliver speeches, which are subject to arrest more than once
It was then the head of the Union of Students in 1934.
Graduated in 1940, and received his BA and teaching in 1943.
After graduating appointed Hubert in the religious school in Tanta, and then later moved to the Institute in Zagazig and religious seminary in Alexandria, after a long experience of Sheikh Hubert moved to work in Saudi Arabia in 1950 to a professor of law at the University of Umm Al-Qura.
Sheikh Shaarawi had that teaches doctrines, although originally in the language of specialization, and this in itself is a very difficult but that Sheikh Hubert was able to prove their success in teaching the course to a large degree of acclaimed and appreciated by all. In 1963 occurred the dispute between President Gamal Abdel Nasser and King Saud. And the impact of the prevention of President Abdel Nasser Sheikh Hubert from coming back to Saudi Arabia, [citation needed] in Cairo and was appointed director of the Grand Sheikh of Al Azhar, Sheikh Hassan Mamoun. He then traveled after that Sheikh Hubert to Algeria Head of Mission of Al-Azhar there and stayed in Algeria for about seven years spent in teaching, while in Algeria setback June 1967, was prostrated Hubert Thank you to the most severe military defeats suffered by Egypt - and justified, "he said in a letter na" in the program from the ground up by saying that "Egypt did not win it in the arms of communism did not fascinate the Egyptians in their religion," and when he returned Sheikh Hubert to Cairo and was appointed director of endowments Gharbia period, and then an agent for the invitation and thought, and then an agent for the flower and then returned back to Saudi Arabia, where he taught at King Abdul Aziz University.
In November 1976, Mr. Mamdouh Salem chose the then Prime Minister and his cabinet, and assigned to the Sheikh Shaarawi and Ministry of Awqaf and Azhar Affairs. Hubert leaving in the ministry until October 1978.
He first issued a ministerial decision to establish the first Islamic bank in Egypt, the Faisal Islamic Bank, as the terms of reference of the Minister of Economy or Finance (d. Hamid Sayeh in this period), which authorized him to, and agreed that the People's Assembly.
In the year 1987 was chosen a member of the Arabic language compound (compound immortals).

Hubert Family
Mohammed married Hubert is in the first instance at the behest of his father, who chose his wife, and the Sheikh agreed to his choice, for they'll have three boys and two girls, boys: Sami and Abdul Rahim Ahmad, Fatima pentane and valid. The Sheikh believes that the first factors of a successful marriage is a choice and accepted by both parties.

Awards obtained by the
Granting Imam Hubert and the Order of Merit of first class on the occasion of reaching the retirement age in 15/04/1976 Prior to his appointment as Minister of Awqaf and Azhar Affairs.
Grants and Order of the Republic of the first class in 1983 and 1988, and the Order of Preachers in the day.
Received an honorary doctorate in literature from the University of Mansoura, Menoufiya.
Chosen by the Muslim World League in Makkah founding member of the Authority of the Conference of the scientific miracles in the Holy Quran and Sunnah, which is organized by the Association, and was entrusted with the nomination of arbitrators, who sees in the various disciplines and scientific legitimacy, to evaluate the research provided to the Conference.
Made him the province of Dakahlia personal cultural festival of 1989, convened each year to honor one of her sons prominent, and announced to maintain a contest to win awards, promotional, about his life and his work and his role in the Islamic call locally and internationally, and made her prize money is huge.

Books by Sheikh Hubert
Sheikh Shaarawi a number of books, a number of fans gathered and prepared for publication, the most famous of these books and the greatest Hubert interpretation of the Koran, and these books:
Secrets of the name of Allah the Merciful.
Islam and Contemporary Thought.
Islam and women, the ideology and methodology.
Shura and legislation in Islam.
Prayer and the pillars of Islam.
The way to God.
Here Oh to Beck.
100 questions and answer in Islamic jurisprudence.
Women as God wanted.
Miracle of the Quran.
Koran of the iceberg.
Looks in the Qur'an.
Islamic thought on the table.
Fate and destiny.
This is Islam.
Team in the interpretation of the Koran.

The latest study by the university
In the latest study university for granted the Faculty of Islamic Studies at the University of targets Lebanese Sheikh Bahauddin peace master's degree in Islamic Studies degree very well from his letter entitled the renewal of Islamic thought in the Reflections Sheikh Mohammed Sharawi and that the consensus of the Commission on the discussion panel by Dr. Hisham Nashabe Chairman, Sheikh Youssef Al- Marashly supervisor and Dr. Sheikh Ahmed plastic member. The message consisted of three chapters add to the front and the boot and extension documents. Chapter I discussed the biography of Sheikh Hubert and his call and the circumstances of the Islamic faith in his time speaking about the political, economic, intellectual, religious, and their impact on the emergence of Sheikh Hubert, as he was introduced to the most prominent features of the style of Sheikh Hubert in his call. The second chapter annexation analytical discussion highlighted the national renewal in the interpretation of Sheikh Hubert through the presentation of his views on some ideological issues, legislative and ethical. The third chapter was the presentation of the views of leading scholars, Sheikh Shaarawi, as well as to the most prominent things that may be recited by Sheikh Shaarawi where refuted by the researcher reported and discussed. It was then the conclusion and extension documents.
There are a PhD by the researcher Osman Abdel-Rahim to a Moroccan universities of the Department of interpretation, dealing with the researcher in the style of systematic interpretation of the Koranic Baqarah and Imran.

Love Sheikh Hubert Arabic, and knew eloquently words with the simplicity of the method, and the beauty of expression, and it was Sheikh sold with long hair, was a poet fluent expression hair in different situations, especially in the expression of the hopes of the nation when he was young, when he was involved in National Action strong words expressive, Sheik uses the hair is also in the interpretation of the Koran, and to clarify the meanings of the verses, and when he remembers Sheikh hair used to say "have known me a poet"
Says in a poem entitled "light parade":
Orihi grace and selflessness ... You any good legacy Lights
And Jalal Vic Ancient Beauty ... Not deprive us of what its secrets
Insights Tjtli have meaning ... Above the collar and eye sight

Hair and meanings of the verses
Sheikh Shaarawi and speaks in his memoirs published by the newspaper Al-Ahram from the contest of the members of the Association of writers to transform the meanings of Quranic verses to poems. Among them was so impressed by the companions Sheikh Shaarawi the most impressive to some extent at their own expense printed and distributed. Says the imam preachers and verses of poetry that I am proud of it, what I said at that time in the sense of living and people see him. I said:
Investigated the causes of livelihood
You do not know the title
And sustenance known address
When he heard our Lord Sheikh, who taught us the interpretation of these lines, he said to me: this boy has a story in our literature. I asked him: What is the story: He said: The story of a man named Ben auricula loop .. He was a poet of the city and narrowed by the case, remember his friendship with Hisham bin Abdul Malik .. Days that the city was a prince before he became caliph. Went to Damascus to present his case it got worse and perhaps find a joy to agony. When he arrived, to ask permission to Hisham and income. Hisham asked him how are you my loop?. Everyone: God, that the case had narrowed to me .. Hisham said to me: Are not you that:
I have learned and the sunshine of congenital ... That which is my livelihood will come to me
Hisham and went on wondering: What made you come to the Levant and ask me .. Vohrj loop to Hisham, who said: "May Allah reward me, O faithful .. I mentioned my mistake, and warned me unaware .. Then came out ..
And after the anger of Hisham himself to reply that loop is broken Khater .. And the request based on the treasures of the house money and prepared to loop a great gift and carried on the beauty .. And carried out by the guards to catch loop in the road .. As they arrived to the stage said to them: and it was here before. This was repeated with all the stages until it reached the guards to the city .. Commander knocked on the door behind him and open the loop .. And said to him: I am the faithful messenger Hisham .. Individual loop: What can I do to the Messenger of the faithful have received some and he did for me what has you know? ..
He said the commander of the guards: delay, my brother .. The faithful wanted to Ithvk precious gifts and is afraid to go out alone out .. Vttardek thieves, Fterkk back to the city and sent you the gift with us .. WordPress loop: I will accept, but say to the faithful have the beta and I forgot the other .. Asked the commander of the guards:
What is it? .. Tab said:
I am trying Vieiini has requested ... Came to me and help me if I stayed
This rub adds imam preachers with the keenness of our teachers to grow in every human being his talent, and make him fuel excellence.

Sheikh Imam tells preachers Hubert in his memoirs, the facts of a link to sporadic verses of poetry and asked him uttered on various occasions .. And out of each occasion as is his custom lesson learned, including the national positions.
Shaykh: I remember the story of Abbas Bridge, which opened to students of the elements of the nation and threw themselves in the waters of the Nile See the National immortal sons of Egypt. It has happened that the university wanted a memorial to the martyrs of the incident, but the government refused .. Nur al-Din Ibrahim was agreed the Chairman of the Commission Delegation in Zagazig with Mahmoud fixed head of the Egyptian University that the memorial ceremony is held in any city of the Territories. It does not matter to take place in Cairo .. But because the government was its insistence on a clear rejection of any memorial service was necessary to circumvent the situation .. The hero of this circumvention of a member of the Commission Delegation in Zagazig Almrgaoi Hamdi, who claimed the death of his grandmother and took the women crying and screaming .. In the evening set Sradega for solace and gathered hundreds of people and the government thought at first glance it really consolation .. But after the influx of large numbers then became conscious of the fact of the matter .. Having gotten out of control the situation and any response to the fans mean to hit it .. So I left the government on a tight game with them .. But intervened in the number of words that has received so as not to increase the per person to five minutes .. In my in my capacity as President of the Students Union said:
Youth Matt Long live the nation
And I saw the tomb to be published
The spirit of the Open and place an offering to the freedom and independence River
For the first time the audience clapping in a memorial service. And concession-holders call me after me for the periods reserved for them .. Delivered a poem to which you set up to pay tribute to the martyrs and the righteous, which I said in the opening lines:
Call boy and a national appeal ... The blood of the martyrs remind young people
Is Nsilwa victims and the victims ... They may Almighty in Egypt infected
Youth Barr did not differentiate .. The ... His letter, and here is a dua
Not cowed and did not spare the rant ... And butter no compromises bayonets
The spirit of the right to foal ... It seemed to shed his blood hemoglobin
And preferred to die a martyr Egypt ... Long live Egypt status Mohab
The forward saying Sheikh StumbleUpon Submit it for the Muslim Brotherhood: "The Muslim Brotherhood good tree root is firm and its branches in the sky May Allah reward of planted and kept it"

Thoughts about the interpretation of the Koran
Sheikh Mohammed began Hubert explained on television in 1980 with an introduction about the interpretation then proceeded in the interpretation of Al-Fatihah and ended at the end of Surat Al forbids and early grade and prevented his death without that explains the whole Quran. It is noteworthy that it contains an audio recording on the interpretation of Amma (Part XXX).
Sheikh Mohammed Sharawi, explaining his method of explanation: my thoughts on the Qur'an does not mean the explanation of the Qur'an .. But are gifts purism .. Notify the heart of a believer in the verse or a few verses .. If the Koran could be interpreted .. The Messenger of Allah peace be upon him the first people to interpret it .. Because he became agitated and has it down with a hit and has knowledge and work .. Has emerged miracles .. But the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him only shows that the people on the estimated need of worship by showing them the terms of reference in the Koran, which "do not do ..".
Adopted in the interpretation of several elements including:
1 - language as a starting point for understanding the Holy Quran.
2 - Try to detect the secret of eloquence organized by the Koran.
3 - social reform.
4 - response suspicions of Orientalists.
5 - sometimes cited his personal experiences of real life.
6 - combination of depth and simplicity, through the Egyptian dialect spoken.
7 - to lead by example and good shooting.
8 - substantive digression.
9 - Sufi Psychology.
10 - logical dialectical method.
11 - in the latter parts of the preferred interpretation of the shortcut so that he can complete his thoughts

His life story was filmed in a television series entitled the imam preachers in 2003, starring Hassan Youssef, Afaf Shoaib

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