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Oum Kalthoum

Our Lady Star of the East and the Arab singing Oum Kalthoum
Quick definition:
Name at birth Umm Kulthum Ibrahim Beltagy
Nationality Egypt
Date of birth December 30, 1898
Dakahlia, Egypt
Date of death: February 3, 1975 (age: 76 years)
Cairo, Egypt
Type Arabic Music
Professional singer
Years active 1924 -
Umm Kulthum (December 30, 1898 to February 3, 1975), an Egyptian singer. Known in Egypt and across the Arab world and the world in the twentieth century, and dubbed the planet the East and the Arab woman singing.
Birth and origins
Date of birth according to historians trustworthy December 30, 1898

The date of birth records is installed in the May 4, 1904 because there was no formal documentation and birth certificates at this time therefore adopted the date of teething - medical - May 4, 1904, a date for her birthday
I was born in the province of Dakahlia to Abraham Beltagui village muezzin Tmai Zhaerp, Sanblawin Center, and she kept singing poems and usually grab is her brother Khalid Ibrahim Beltagy. Within the limits of the age of ten had become singing in front of the audience in the house of Sheikh country in her village.
Her career
Started a small reputation in the publicity, was just a source of additional income for the family, but exceeded the maximum Dreams father when she became the main source of income for the family, the father realized that when he became the vocalist Sheikh Khalid and his son when he became the father itself in the lining of his young daughter.
After 1916, and recognizes her father Sheikh Zakaria Ahmed and Mohamed Abou El Ela, who came to Sanblawin to revive the nights of Ramadan and much of the urgency was to convince the father to move to Cairo, along with Umm Kulthum .. here is the first step. And then revived the night of Isra and Miraj Palace Izz al-Din Pasha, was the Lady of the Palace to give her a gold ring and received Umm Kulthum 3 pounds paid to them.
In 1921, returning to Cairo in order to settle permanently 0.1923 sing in concerts of senior people, and sings in a ceremony attended by top singers, headed by its age and Munira Mahdia personally. His absolute sovereignty, which was dubbed the musical.
1924 recognize Ahmed Rami by Abul-Ela, at a party singing Umm Kulthum (casting reveals his eyes), in this concert in particular attend Ahmed Rami return from Europe, and he knows that it has found its target, we can say that the real start was when he heard Muhammad Kassabguy Composer renewed at the time. The same in 1924 also, I met Umm Kulthum to the dentist loves music is Ahmed Sabri Nagrede first composer composed Kalthoum own tunes, but tunes based on musical motifs dramatically, prompting the Umm Kulthum to an early end to cooperation.

First band
In that year starts Mohammed Kassabguy in the preparation of Umm Kulthum, technically and morally would have a separated special, and the first Takht music an alternative to the lining of the turbaned, which was with her always, when it launched the Rose Al-Youssef, theater attack detonators on the lining, maybe this is what makes her father give up being the singers and the melt is and Sheikh Khalid and recede into the darkness of history, take off almost a year later Umm Kulthum headdress and cloak and appear in costume Signorinas Egyptian, after he died Sheikh (Mohammed Abu Ala), who left a great spiritual influence was her mentor in the musical world.
Was common in the early twentieth century to provide vocalists poems given regardless of the uniqueness of one of them, and the match yen singers lies in how to perform the same poem, a poem (see disobeyed tears) sung by Umm Kulthum once composed Sunbati, and once composed Abdu El Hamouly 1926 .

Emergence of a star
In 1928, sings a monologue (if you forgive and forget the exponential), to check the cylinder higher sales of its time at all and manual name Umm Kulthum strongly in the music scene, the same year, which put to music when Umm Kulthum song (on my eyes, desertion) by itself for itself ..!

Cooperation with Sunbati

In 1935, singing (on the country of the beloved and religious) composed by composer man Riad Sunbati, has been Sunbati composed Kalthoum nearly 40 years, and almost is the composer only in the fifties, a year later written a song (Yaratni you breeze) in the second and last experience and her experience was the first song (on my eyes, abandonment) in 1928.
In 1946, three poems from singing melodies and words Sunbati Ahmed Shawki, Ghent (Silwa my heart), which took a political dimension in the concept of revenge, which says
This was after the end of World War II and the setback of the British Empire on its promise to grant full independence of Egypt, and sang a poem (born Huda), and up the request to change the word from the palace (the Socialists) in the House, which says:
This was in the era of the emergence of left-wing, which was not in line with the trends of the palace nor the wishes of the King, but they insisted not to change any word, and also sang in that year, she sang most wonderful thing in praise of the Prophet's approach purdah.

Prevention of Umm Kulthum
In 1951, singing (Egypt speaks for itself), to come a year later and one revolution of July and a decision to prevent a military Umm Kulthum singing ...

Decision to retire
Arrived message to Gamal Abdel Nasser himself, who canceled this resolution, which states that the subject is brought Mustafa Amin in September 1952 and following a dispute over the position of chairman is canceled elections the union, is the appointment of Mohammed Abdel Wahab captain of the musicians. Following this position and frequency for supporting some of the Free Officers to Abdel-Wahab; of Umm Kulthum's decision to her retirement Alsag Shafiq Ahmed Auf paternity.
Which transferred to the Revolutionary Command Council, went to a delegation of Gamal Abdel Nasser and Abdel Hakim Amer, Salah Salem to persuade them to reverse their opinion, have influenced this moment where so much as the later songs have attitude, and carried admired sweeping Abdul Nasser and his positions as a whole people, then , and this is reflected in the song (such as after a long patience got the east and said, we have hopes Priacetk Jamal O) or (O, O beauty .. the most beautiful example of the national Egyptian Priacetk our feasts of the Republic)

July Revolution
Complete revolution swept Egypt and were treated very aggressively with all of the terms under the former king, and was to prohibit the broadcasting songs of Umm Kulthum from the radio and finally expelled from the post (Union Leader musicians) as (singer the former regime). This was not a decision of the Revolutionary Command Council. But an individual decision taken by the supervising officer on the radio.
Although Umm Kulthum sang for the besieged army in Falluja during the Palestine war song (Rome reform in my soul), the army, who was among its members Abdel Nasser and Anwar Sadat. However, it was considered against the revolution blessed because of their access to the owner immunity necklace and sing to the king more than once, including a song in 1932 in the presence of King Fuad:
Ovdi to save the fancy or lowly - the king of heart, what it may be that Osanaa
Been corrected everything that had happened earlier in the right of Umm Kulthum after things calmed down .. Fixed and that the revolution - after that - given impetus morally strong, so she headed the committee that oversaw the selection of the national anthem of the new Republic, in favor of Umm Kulthum, the national anthem, prepared by Abdel-Wahab, however, Dr. Hussein Fawzi proved that the anthem transferee of the cylinder of the musician Czech Bella Bernok after introducing several amendments to it.
On December 19, 1952 will be the composition of the musical high that will be one of its members and marked with (Rendition) and Abdul Wahab. In 1953 elected an honorary member of the Assembly of Mark Twain's World Assembly, which the same honorary members of the Eisenhower and Winston Churchill and Theodore Roosevelt. In the same year .. Specifically July 8 die brother Khalid, Sheikh Khalid, who was supposed to be Siet family.

1954 reduced the Umm Kulthum table her concerts due to health problems you are experiencing. I recall that the black glasses that were worn on an ongoing basis was due to thyroid disease, which led to her eyes, exophthalmos. This was also a reason to turn it off to its representative, who was limited to 7 films.

1954 married Umm Kulthum Hefnawi Mr. Hassan, who took one of her doctors, treatment and lasted until her death. In 1955 to include a list of decorations and the Renaissance of Sam King of Jordan and the Order of Merit, First Class of the President Hashim al-Atassi!

Unique reality
On October 29, 1956 will enrich the Umm Kulthum commend Salah Jahin (God Iaslahi time) which will become a national anthem. The anthem, which brought her perfection with a long night where the raid took place and kept in the light of candles anthem .. And while it was decided that recorded in the radio station opposed to most of the Mosques Street musicians for fear of Israel announced that it will hit the radio station so it was decided that Umm Kulthum recorded anthem.

A fourth series Adawiya
In that period - the fifties - sing (Egypt, which in my mind) and (Song of evacuation) and (Hsepk of time) and will participate in a series of radio is a series of fourth Adawiya where the share offer songs in the series, songs such as: (on my eyes, cried my eyes), (for someone else the extended hand), (O company ulnaris), (bar predestination), (satisfaction and light), (known passion since I knew breeze) .. Those songs that will be used in the famous movie (fourth Adawiya), who starred Nabila Ebeid.
For documentation to prove what was said by Newsweek magazine in 1956: "The voice of Umm Kulthum is the preferred audio beloved throughout the Middle East", in addition to the magazine and described as (queen of Arabia). In 1959, gain of the cedars at the commandos from Lebanese Prime Minister Rashid Karami.

The glorious sixties .. Um Kalthoum brighter functional at all ages, the fact that the fifties is not over but the fact is that a strange dog Umm Kulthum biting passers-by and a prosecutor acquitted .. Later write poet Ahmed Fouad Negm tongue lashing poem (six dog) famous. This incident did not pass without noise, where university professors objected to the decision of the rights considered to favor the prosecution and Umm Kulthum, but that it will reach the pages of the newspaper first official Al-Ahram.

Umm Kulthum and eloquent Hamdi
Umm Kulthum would end in 1959 her song kind (immigration) from the words of Ahmed Rami and composed by Riad Sunbati genius .. Will open the season, one ahead famous sixties (Anta Fein, Fein and love), known (A. Love). This song is the story of a well known that in one meetings between Umm Kulthum and Mohammed Fawzi, owner of Egypt iPhone before nationalization, offered to hear a melody composer man like a lot, was this young man is eloquent Hamdi, Sisamaha eloquent Hamdi melody, the goal was just to hear his hit, which Stgneh one of the singers, they would ask him to re-tune again and again until it was to sing the song!. Since this date Selhn her eloquent song and at least one year.
Would end 1961 with a song (true passion Hua Gulab) die Perm His song before the concert by singing in this poem and die after one month the song composer Zakariya Ahmad and loyal friend of Perm on February 14 after the end of his problems with Umm Kulthum in a friendly way. It is certain that the sixties were a turning point in the life of Umm Kulthum Although months have sang her songs in that period but there are many people think they were periods of less functional with the exception of some of the songs were numbered.
If we want fairness, the Umm Kulthum in this period and until her death BC the sacred icon in the lives of the Egyptians. Books Gordon Jskil in the Journal of Life: The change includes the lives of people in the Middle East on the different strata of age and beliefs once in every month and always at ten pm Valmror almost stops in Cairo and cafes in Casablanca disappear table and in Baghdad leaves rich tables gambling in Saudi Arabia, retreat to the Senate inside their tents, striking deep in the desert, all ears are focused on Radio Cairo waiting for Umm Kulthum.
In 1960 St_khasl the Order of Merit of the targeted in the first degree. Opens television broadcasting as well as opened 26 years ago. In 1962, will sing the song forget that melody Zakaria Ahmed doctrine before he died and the rest would be assigned to the eloquent melody Hamdi, this song from the words of safe Shanawi .. Indeed, the safe Shanawi try to cooperate with it more than once was the first song that went to the spring Farid al-Atrash, the problem is their adherence to safe and stuck to his words Shenawi Umm Kulthum change the words, at this time would yield safe for all requests, declaring victory Umm Kulthum. In 1962, the U.S. Naval Hospital Sttohb to receive Umm Kulthum to check the league (from the U.S. government in recognition of the status of Umm Kulthum in the Arab world)

This year will enrich the Umm Kalthoum and one of the most famous songs ever, the song that was the product of cooperation delayed 40-year-old full song (You are my life), this song that you will need to enter Abdel Nasser personally to come to light, her song with musician maestro Mohamed Abdel Wahab.

Her death
Audio (Pthlo my time with you .... and my life Petkml Pleasure) last thing she sang by Umm Kulthum, and during the rehearsals for the song and signed Barap inflammatory disease of the kidneys. I traveled to London for treatment, and before her had asked the poet for Jawdat to write a song on the occasion of October victory and after her return asked the composer Riad Sunbati Tlhinha even sing in the gala victory, but she died before the play and the song was the opening lines (Yally youth in the Soldiers of Allah .... and the war in their hearts, fasting and prayer).
January 22, 1975 in News topped the disease Umm Kulthum was the newspapers and radio news bulletins initiate disease Umm Kulthum and view the people to donate blood, Umm Kulthum. On February 3, 1975 in Cairo damage features non-ratification of the faces of everyone .. Integrated radios Middle East and the overall program and the Voice of the Arabs in one wave to proclaim the truth. Yousef al-Sibai appeared at exactly the Sixth PM to deliver the news, while stopping Eng Sayed Marei President of the People minute's silence. Send Prince Abdullah Al Faisal is a gift of several liters of Zamzam water and arrived directly from the Holy Land as a duty last resort.

Echo and her death
Euro French newspaper wrote that it represented the Arabs are represented by Edith Piaf for the French fans, the number of times the number of fans of Edith Piaf. Beagle Books Carpier in Le Figaro newspaper that, although the Europeans did not understand the words but it has reached the spirit directly. The Times writes as symbols of the Arab conscience is eternal. Daily oil Deutsche Saitonj German wrote that the feelings of the Arabs shook from the Atlantic Ocean to the Gulf. Arab newspapers echoed in the news dominated the front pages while the silence on the Arabs, they know they have lost their last real link between them, I lost fourth pyramid Egypt and the Arab world has lost a bright planet has died Umm Kulthum.

Its substantive work
List of Umm Kulthum
Movies Umm Kulthum
WA 1935.
Hymn for Hope 1937.
JD 1939.
Aida 1942.
Safety, 1944.
Fatima 1948.
Some visual recordings Kalthoum
Umm Kulthum - re-rolls (Live In Sudan, 1968)
Umm Kulthum - far from you + pro (Live Snma Nile Palace 1966)
Umm Kulthum - Rich Lee Choi (1944 film Salama...

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