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Wonderful Ismail Yassin

Wonderful Ismail Yassin
Quick definition:
Birth September 15, 1912
Suez, Egypt
Death May 24, 1972 (age 59 years)
Cairo, Egypt
Partner Abu Soud El Ebiary
Children Yassin Ismail Yassin
Ismail Yassin, (September 15, 1912 to May 24, 1972) was represented by an Egyptian born in the city of Suez, which is known for its work of comedy is a comedy of senior representatives of the Egyptian cinema and theater.
Ismail Yassin began Monolojst a singer then, that art which disappeared after it was broken and the provision of social phenomena prevailing at that time. The Ismail Yassin to Cairo in the early thirties to looking for his artistic career as a singer, but the shape and lightness shadow hid him success in the singing, has owned Ismail qualities that have made him a star of the stars of the review as it is singer and Monolojst and representative, has been one of the pioneers of this art along the ten years from 1935 - 1945 and then work in cinema and became one of the most prominent stars, the second two in the history of cinema has produced two films Bosmaihma after Laila Murad, and these films (Ismail Yassin in Wax Museum - Ismail Yassin meets Raya and Sakina - Ismail Yassin in the army - Ismail Yassin, in the police - Ismail Yassin in the Air - Ismail Yassin in the Navy - Ismail Yassin in the madhouse, etc. ..).

Ismail Yassin was born in 1912, the only son of a goldsmith in the case of Mysore Abbas Street in Suez, died and his mother, which is still a young child.
Ismail joined a small Koranic schools, and then continued at an elementary school until fourth grade. When the shop went bankrupt private chapel with his father as a result of ill-spent and then entered his father's imprisonment for debt, it forced the boy to work before the calling of a cloth shop, he had to bear the responsibility for himself since he was young. Then forced to leave the house fearing the wrath of his father's wife works for calling one of the positions of the cars in Suez.
Ismail Yassin love songs composer Mohammed Abdel Wahab and repeated since his childhood, and dreams to be a singer rival
From Suez to Cairo
When he reached the age of 17 years went to Cairo in the early thirties where he worked as a boy in a street cafes, Muhammad Ali, established the popular small hotels. He joined with Usta "Nosa", which was popular wedding months dancers at that time. Because he did not find Majkovih of money left to act as an agent in the office of a lawyer to search for a living first.
He then returned thinking again to achieve his dream of art went to the exquisite Massabni, having discovered twin, technical and lifelong friend and partner trip struggle Technical Author comedy great Abu Soud El Ebiary and the fact that with the bilateral technical famous and was a partner in a nightclub exquisite Massabni then in the cinema and theater, which is who was nominated for the exquisite Massabni you assign to her band and her band have already joined the cast of the monologues in a nightclub exquisite Massabni.
Able Ismail Yassin succeed in the art of monologue, and remained ten years from 1935 - 1945 resplendent in this area until it became cast monologue on the radio isotope four pounds for a monologue one comprehensive wage writing and composing, and who was authored always twin technical Abu Soud El Ebiary.

In 1939 was the beginning of entering the cinema, when Fouad Aldzaerly chosen to participate in the movie (behind Habayeb). And made many of the films play in the second round of the most famous in that period (Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves) and (Nur al-Din and three sailors) and (the heart has one).

Tournament absolute
In 1945 attracted the attention of talent Ismail Yasin Anwar Wagdy Fastaan in most of his films, and then produced his first championship in 1949 in absolute film (mentor) in front of the new face of Magda.
Yassin was able to be the star of box office scramble upon the masses, and the years 52 and 53 and 54 golden age, such as 16 films per year and this could not be achieved by any other artist.
In spite of Ismail Yassin was not handsome and enjoy beauty, which attributes the usual stars in nets at the time, but it was able to attract the masses when he was making fun of the shape and the large mouth in most of its business. Fasttaa to jump to the ranks of the first and reserves a prominent place, which sought to contract with producers on new films and became a hero only in his name associated with movies until he reached the summit.
In 1954, contributed to the formulation of theater history comedy Egyptian and the fact that band bearing his name in partnership twin technical and partner career Authors Great Abu Soud El Ebiary, and remained the band is working on for 12 years until 1966 during which more than 50 play almost daily written by Abu Al-Saud El Ebiary.

A series of films in his name
The beginning of 1955 that he and twin brother Abu Soud El Ebiary technical director with Fatin Abdel Wahab, a triple of the most important trilogies in the history of Egyptian cinema and the date of Ismail Yassin, Abu Soud El Ebiary also have worked together in numerous films.
It is reported that 30% of films made by the comedy star was behind the director Fatin Abdel Wahab, was carrying most of the name of Ismail Yassin, which produced his films to his name after Leila Mourad, and these films Ismail Yassin in Wax Museum - Ismail Yassin meets Raya and Sakina - Ishmael Yasin in the Army - Ismail Yassin in the police - Ismail Yassin in the Air - Ismail Yassin in the Navy - Ismail Yassin in the madhouse, which was mostly written by Abu Al-Saud El Ebiary.
And necessary in these films Representative Riad El Qasabgy famous Bahawic Attia, Mhahdahma where she was - and continues to now - an important milestone in the history of comedy and enjoyed by the public until now because of the irony and natural attitudes.

Shadia met Ismael Yassin in about 23 films between 1949 and 1954 at a rate not less than 3 movies in one year. It was their first encounter in the film (the words of people), and then met again in the film (the owner Almlalim) had the greatest impact their success together, making the producers and directors are collecting them. Ismail Yassin was a prominent role in the films Shadia even though it is not the main hero of the film.
And movies that brought them together in my mother-Hawa Sawa and atomic bomb and (Adventures of Ismail Yassin) and (injustice forbidden) and (Alhakony Palmodhun) The film (the sixes Ierfush Ikdboa) collect their last film in 1954 in conjunction with Shukri Sarhan, decorations Sedki.
Such as Ismail Yassin with a lot of actors and singers have spent a long time in the role of the second man or a supporting hero until he had the chance became a hero and he starred in a lot of movies that start with his name was shared in most of these films friends old (Riad El Qasabgy, Zeenat Sedky, Hassan Fayek, Abdel-Fattah, forced, Abdul Salam Nabulsi).

Key scenes
And Ismail Yasin memorable scenes in both films starring or made the second round of film (Natchez) to my dream Rafla 1950 feet with Mohamed Fawzy and Sabah model splendid art «Alberlsk» or simulation cartoons satirical scenes of a famous, and this was in Alaski_ entitled «Champions Gram» The three positions of «classic» «Qais and Layla», «Antony and Cleopatra», «Romeo and Juliet».
In (Dahab), directed by Anwar Wagdy, 1953, Ismail Yassin presented a scene of silent art Albantomim, when integrated to eat «pasta» Phantom, and drink the soup that does not exist. In the film itself presented with several reviews of the child Fairuz song added to the tremendous wealth created by, in this area.
Film «Miss Hanafi (film)» for Fatin Abdel Wahab 1954, which acquires a unique value, both revealing the man cons «eastern» insistence on its right to dominate women Ismail Yassin, before turning to Miss Hanafi or revealing the insistence of women's rights grab Ismail, after his conversion to Miss Ismail Yassin and touches the Witch and the performance «Cartoon» especially in the scenes of pregnancy and childbirth, the film is still able to provoke laughter even now.

Was assisted by his partner, Ismail Yassin, Abu Soud El Ebiary a large number of prominent directors in the output of Msarhyatem of them: Mr. Bedier, Mohamed Tawfik, Abdel Moneim Madbouli, Noor Demerdash. He also worked at the scene of Ismail Yassin, a large selection of top stars such as: Abdul Waris indigestion, Shukri Sarhan, Sana Jameel, greeting the Carioca, and others.
The 60 feet of the theater play recorded TV and all but one staff Egyptian television has made a mistake and wipe all but two of a play like that every Alrjalp and the separation of one of the other play

Continuity of Ismail Yassin
His films successful and achieved the highest revenue in the history of Arab cinema to date, and that the percentage of number of residents in his time and the number of theaters and ticket cinematic her days were cheap and also a time of war many were facing Egypt in the Zamaneh from 48 to 73 and still his films many old "black and white "is my favorite, a broad sector of the public in Egypt and the Arab world because it was able to draw a smile on the lips of fans thanks to his abilities and individual talents. Ismail Yassin and contributed in the formulation of theater history and the fact that Egyptian comedian band bearing his name, and this band has been working for 12 years from 1954 until 1966 during which more than me fifty play almost daily.

Despite the overwhelming success of Ismail Yassin, especially the fifties, but his career faltered in the last decade of his life
1961 has witnessed a decline of the limelight for Ismail Yassin gradually; After that he offers more than a dozen films per year made only two films (husband of rent) and (the Stock) In the year that followed made (King of Petroleum (f) The Three Musketeers (f) Forget the minimum) and then in the period from 1963 to 1965 did not provide only two films (the crazies in Naim) and (mind and money).
It is said that the lights were receding due to:
An illness (heart) and his distancing from the artistic scene in the process of turning on the art scene
State intervention in the artistic production in the sixties and the establishment of theater television
Adopted almost entirely on old friend Abu Soud El Ebiary author of all its work, making it repeats itself in the cinema and theater (for example film millionaire husband and rent)
Shying away from providing in its recent monologue, which was to attract the public to his art
Because he was not close to officials in the government, surprised by the accumulation of tax upon road became overnight chased debt and reservations on the architecture built by the struggle of Umrah to be sold in front of the eye and out of the trip fight his long empty-handed was forced to resolve his band play in 1966 and traveled to Lebanon and work in some short films of them (Knights of love, and generosity of passion, and meet strangers, and the gang of women) and work again as a singer for Mnoloj as it appeared, and then returned to Egypt, breaking a broken and worked in small roles are not commensurate with a proven track record did not have mercy on one or will realize this one, and without warning. While he was thinking of President Sadat in honor of this artistic value unprecedented in the history of Egyptian art Sharif has remarkable Ndjemna away in May 24, 1972 following a severe heart attack before he completed the representation of the last small role in a film starring Nour El-Sherif.

Personal life
Ismail Yassin married 3 times, did not produce children is born and one is the director of the late Ismail Yassin Yassin's last wife, Fawzia.

Role in the art of monologue
There is no doubt that Ismail Yassin comedy in good standing, but also a vision of life borne of his songs and Mnlojath and expressions of his face, but beyond that the thought of a human but we do not see is the destination of comedy until the destination drama has no one noticed in Exposing the person overcome the Flim Mleodrma see crying as he spoke tones of his voice inhabited Cjn old and carrying deep pain and the story of product to the one who does not remember when he met a girl Kviver sell reportedly bought the rose, I thanked him, thanked my beautiful tones of his voice was a cry of sadness and pain and how not to and that life was more like a tragedy, but lips laugh I go back Veselova to laugh the other is in the top of the pain until the monitoring of the prevailing phenomena discussed objectively and jokingly sometimes occurs even for happiness tell you the owner of happiness (happiness!) er is the meaning of happiness? All they want to happiness, but I er is happiness? People told me that happiness to the hearts of Her Highness the pound need ..... Preferred in the world and Ohouc money limit what I felt and P. Lalla who told me that happiness in love and what charity or Nawal .. Look and then smile and your brother the strength of medicine into the trap of beauty ....... And the poverty and dissatisfaction and early Almnoloj O Avqrni violin O sing Adwini he man who Laugh million Egyptians It is curious that not one is talking of his generation with him and there has never been filled with hearing and sight have been a dream to come to paint a smile and night spoof shroud him alive play a role in Exposing the love and loss, the role of did not exceed 15 seconds Aalno role that had died and it is shrouded, and has to go
Year Business
1939 behind Habayeb
1942 Baba and the Forty Thieves
1943 Call of Blood
Nur al-Din and three sailors
The 1944 Jinan
1945 heart has one
The night of fortune
Please Friday night
Taxi Hntorp
Adam Brown
1946 Salwa
G Bedouin
Campus Basha
His Palin
In 1947 to Lebanese University
Myspace tracker
Known Cobbler
I Stotp
Bridal three
Bayaa Lottery
Bride of the Sea
Queen of the desert
I'm Antar
Sixes demons
Muslim teacher
1948 live art
Her Architecture
Love & Madness
Farmer's own son
Renown and riches
Happiness Forbidden
Body and soul
Island Princess
Fantasy woman
1949 and I have
Text of the night
According to your quilt
Vacation in hell
Fatima and Marika and Rachel
Her Almlalim
Akbal firstborn
Sweet napkin
Fiend Hanim
Street Acrobat
The night of Eid
1950 tears of joy
Ah Alrjalp
Nobody on the mind
Seventh wife
Calculated family
The wedding
Siboney sing
Latest Kdbp
The Adventures of green
Set El Hosn
1951 Busy Bgere
Baby Soso
Moallem Bulbul
In Hawa Sawa
Love is in danger
Adam and Eve
Girls sorbet
Exalted him
End of story
Hamati atomic bomb
Ghost house
Fayek and Raig
Qatar dew
1952 Love slander
House Allantc
Wedding picture
Hawa what Loch born
Good skin
On the Hi
Few divination
Where did you get this
Nail Juha
Ten my
The Good
I believe in God
Old you
Atheist mind
Blood come
1953 Luck this week
Muslim pride,
Imp with Abdo
Between two hearts
The right word
House of Obedience
I'm animate
Thief Sharif
Forbidden you
Minimum for the laugh
Nchalp Hanim
Bear witness, O people
Melody love
1954 The Adventures of Ismail Yassin
Daughters of Eve
Miss Hanafi
The old one
The Barber of Baghdad
Honor girls
Lover deprived
A dozen handkerchiefs
Fiend Ismail Yassin
Injustice is haram
Stay of God
Kdbp April
"Do not think
Sixes what Ierfush Ikdboa
Muslim country
People overcome
1955 Ismail Yassin in the army
Kingdom Women
Egypt captain
What Hdash Wakhed need them
Ismail Yassin in the police
Her immunity
Ismail Yassin in Wax Museum
Inspector General
Ismail Yassin meets Raya and Sakina
1957'm Hamidou
Ismail Yassin in the Navy
Hold a Thief
Ismail Yassin in a psychiatric hospital
Ismail Yassin in Damascus
Ismail Yassin Tarzan
Six Nem
Bahbouh Effendi
Ismail Yassin for Sale
Abu bold eyes
Lovely Bus Conductors
1959 if Kandeh surprises
Green Threshold
Journey to the Moon
Almilonner poor
Ismail Yassin in the Air
Aris my wife
Secret police
Hamati owners
1960 Haegnnoni
Barber Ladies
Gram in the circus
Magic Lantern
Ismail Yassin in prison
1961 Husband rent
1962 King of Petroleum
The Three Musketeers
Forget the minimum
1963 insane in Naeem
1965 Mind and Money
Hawa Karam (Lebanon)
1968, meeting strangers (Lebanon)
Knights of Gram (Lebanon)
Ring women
By sins
Desire and loss in 1972

Ramadan 2009 Filed working serial for Ismail Yassin on behalf of (Abu laugh Jinan) a description chosen by the author, Ahmed Aboul Seoud El Ebiary name of the series, and that applies to the curriculum resulted Almnoloj artist Ismail Yassin, the championship series each of the star Ashraf Abdul Baqi, and Rania Farid Shawki, and Salah Abdullah, and allow Al-Said, Emad Rashad, Hanan Soliman, and Aisha Al-Kilani, and Lutfi Labib, and Emma Akef, and other Obagp stars, directed by Mohamed Abdel Aziz, Ahmed El Ebiary authorship, and Yassin Ismail Yassin.

Criticism series
Series, directed by Mohamed Abdel-Aziz varied around the desirability of consensus between the public and criticism from some viewers, writers and critics who have seen a series champion, "Ashraf Abdul Baqi" away from Yassin and perhaps more in the image of the artist Abdel Moneim Ibrahim.

1. ^ Did not mention the series, which presented the life story of artist Ismail Yassin anything about the film desire and loss, it is like it, and that another film like it is the artist Ismail Yassin in Lebanon is not the desire and the loss of

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